Champion (Monthly)

13.99 USD

Be aware, this is not a one off purchase, this is access to a rank for 1 month only.



Every Monthly Renewal

  • 1 50% money booster and 1 100% exp booster for the whole server for an hour (use "/boosters list" to do so)
  • 16 /sethome
  • Ability to pick Champion for tab and above your playername (/tabtitle)
  • /title - In-game chat title (Champion)
  • Special prefix menu (accessible with /cmenu) where you can choose your own colored prefix! ۞
  • No TP timer - Teleport around town in a heartbeat!
  • Earn 25% more EXP from all mcMMO actions!
  • 25% reduction on all mcMMO cooldowns (3m instead of 4m)
  • Silk Touch spawners
  • 100% Arcane Repair! - Never lose enchants when repairing!
  • Nickname extension! You can make your nick 30 characters long, instead of 20.
  • Keep all experience levels upon death.
  • /top - Will teleport you to the highest block above you!
  • /disguise rainbow_sheep - Be the rainbow! ...and a sheep...
  • /disguise flipped_turtle - Will you be able to roll over again? (also /disguise flipped_turtle setBaby to be a baby flipped turtle!)
  • /disguise turtle - Choose between a big turtle, or the cute baby turtle (/disguise turtle setBaby required to become a baby turtle)!
  • /disguise phantom - Become a spooky, winged beast and scare other players!
  • /disguise fox - Morph into a sneaky fox! No swiping!
  • /disguise panda - Become the cutest bear whenever you want!
  • Automatically plays the chorus of We Are The Champions every time you renew your subscription!
  • /hat - Put the block in your hand onto your head
  • /nick - change your nickname
  • /unname - Remove the name of an item
  • /shakeitoff - Dismounts any players that might have used /ride on you
  • /msgtoggle - Toggle receiving private messages on/off (staff can still message you)
  • /checkexp <name> - View your XP progress or another player!
  • /pos - Shows the world you're in with exact coordinates
  • /color (0-255),(0-255),(0-255) - Colors leather armor in any color on the RGB scale.
  • /armorstand - Edit armorstands rotation, arms and rotation as you please (shift + right click also works)
  • /me (10m cooldown) - Broadcast a message to the server, including color codes
  • /glow - Applies a glow effect to yourself (on/off toggle)
  • /book - Edit the book in your hand, even if it's already been signed
  • /nick(format) - Change your nickname to include formatting
  • /tptoggle - Toggles people being able to send /tpa requests to you.
  • /kittycannon - Shoots an explosive kitty in the direction you're looking (just an effect)
  • /kit kittycannon (4d cooldown) - Wand that runs /kittycannon
  • /bannermaker - Ability to visually design each layer of a banner before actually physically crafting. You can also save banner templates to craft later
  • /bannermaker see - Learn how to craft the banner your looking at!
  • /bannermaker hand - Learn how to craft the banner in your hand!
  • Colored Signs - All colors and formatting
  • Disguises - Guardian, Magma_Cube, Mushroom_Cow, Minecart, Mule, Horse, Skeleton_Horse, Zombie_Horse and Polar_Bear
  • Baby Disguises - Pig, Chicken, Zombie, Mushroom_Cow, Horse, Zombie_Horse, Skeleton_Horse, Mule and Polar_Bear (usage ex. /d polar_bear setbaby)
  • Book Colors - Ability to use color codes when writing a book
  • Unique PMs - Ability to use color codes and formats in /msg

Discord Perks

  • Champion role
  • Access to the exclusive #champion-lounge text channel
  • Access to the exclusive Champion Room voice channel
  • Access to the #donor-lounge text channel
  • Access to the Donor Room voice channel
  • Access the Music Bot, for use within the #music-bot text channel and Music Room voice channel

/disguise flipped_turtle and /disguise flipped_turtle setBaby

/disguise turtle and /disguise turtle setBaby/disguise phantom


By purchasing this, you are committing to a subscription of $15 monthly (unless this was purchased on a sale, that sale price will be the permanent monthly cost. e.g. You bought this during a 10% off sale, therefore you will pay $13.50 for your subscription monthly). Cancelling the subscription will result in loss of all the above listed perks (excluding the boosters, but you will not get anymore upon cancellation) after the current subscription period ends.